For Startups & B2B Tech Companies:

Generate Qualified Sales Opportunities On Demand Using 1:1 Level Personalized Outbound Campaigns At Scale

Without building a team of 10-25+ SDRs or spending 6 figures/yr on tech stack

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SDRs spend 80% of their time manually researching each of the prospects and just 20% on reaching out

Competition with outbound is at an all-time high and spray-and-pray method doesn't work anymore

Market is changing and business that don't know how to adapt simply can't scale sustainably anymore

We launch campaigns that get replies like this..

even like this one,

and much more...

Our Process

Rule Of One

This is the main principle that we abide by. All of the campaigns are launched with 1 ICP, 1 offer, and 1 idea in mind. On top of that, all emails are personalized & relevant for each person reading it.

Iterative Testing

The market is always changing and those who take longer time to adapt are left behind. That's why we always test new campaigns rigorously to ensure that you stay ahead of curve.

Scale & Feedback

We focus on collecting feedback from industry regularly allowing us to scale the outbound campaigns without having to wonder what's going wrong or what's causing the problem.

Get your first campaign launched in 72 hours



Get onboarded into our system within 1 hour



Get on a call with us to give us information about your ICP



We'll start testing your offer within 72 hours

We Launch Outbound Campaigns That Just Works

Custom campaigns to reach out to 1000s of your prospects

Work with your sales team to 10x your lead flow

Unique & relevant message to each of your prospects

Craft offer/sales assets to hit message market resonance

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Outbound Is Not Same Anymore

Gone are the days of sales reps spending an entire day manually researching each prospect,  updating sheets, and writing emails. You're lucky if one sales rep can send a few dozen emails per day... manual outbound doesn't scale.

And, no sending semi-automated (somewhat personalized) outbound doesn't work because it's not relevant.

With the introduction of tools like Clay (and similar tools), doing manual research and writing handwritten emails has been easier. You can finally send handwritten emails at scale and book qualified meetings on autopilot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a qualified sales opportunity?

A qualified sales opportunity is defined as a targeted person in your target industry who are interested in learning about your offers, product or services.

What if this doesn't work for me?

We are replicating a tried-and-tested model that has been proven to work across multiple industries us with a 99% success rate, so we are extremely confident that it will work! We invest in the partnership to ensure its success. As we primarily operate on a performance basis, our success is directly tied to yours. The question just comes down to the timing and execution of it. If you have a great solution, then this would definitely work.

How does your pricing work?

We know every business and their goals are different. What works for one might not work for others. Based on your needs, we partner up with you to build out your entire client email infrastructure and optimize it regularly.

That said, our pricing model is very simple. We've two pricing structures, a) monthly retainer, and b) pay per qualified sales opportunity

What makes different from everyone else?

The spray and pray method with cold email doesn't work anymore. And, doing manual research is not worth it. Yet, these are the two common methods that a lot of agencies are using.

As a programmer and a marketing expert, we leverage the power of tools like Clay and many other technologies along with custom tools to create hyper-personalized messages at scale. You can come up with the craziest way to reach out to your prospects and 99% of the time, we can automate it.

Can't I hire someone in-house to do this?

Yes, you can.

It's not about whether you can hire someone in-house or not, it's more about how fast you can implement and iterate something.

Most of the time hiring in-house means they've to go through a huge learning curve. And, this limits the things they can explore and do outside of their scope.

We're not here to replace your SDRs or BDRs. Rather, we work together to improve their efficiency